Wadé’s story

1907, in Cameroon, in the middle of the night, a child discovers his mother engaged in a voodoo ritual. Terrified, he runs away. He turns up several years later in Dakar, where, as a young man, he has joined the French colonial forces as a tirailleur. He is sent to mainland France to fight the Germans. 1917, in the Marne valley, he is convinced that his life is coming to an end, but strange forces make him disappear.

His body reappears on the river Seine 100 years later. He is alive but transformed. He is offered hospitality by Éric Kieper, head of security at a shopping centre, and his 6 year-old daughter, Victoria. Neither realise just how deeply this encounter will change their lives and the destiny of humanity.

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  1. tristan says:

    suite a notre rencontre a quai d’ivry,je suis venu sur votre site et regardé les BD. c’est génial.bravo

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