The secrets files

In Book 1 of the adventures of Wadé, we discover the character’s origins through a strange meeting. The narrative begins: “Wadé: it is under this name that we have identified him. According to our sources he was born in Cameroon in 1897 of a French father who worked in military intelligence and whose identity is still classified as a ‘defence secret’, and a Cameroonian mother.”

What do these few lines tell us?

Firstly, it appears that we are eavesdropping at a confidential meeting in which a group of people are being briefed about Wadé. Most of the sources quoted seem to be a range of confidential archives: eye-witness accounts undoubtedly gathered during police investigations, other sources within the German authorities (Cameroon was, at the time, a German protectorate) and other accounts buried away in French military archives.

How come these people know so much about his childhood and the identity of his parents? How, for example, do they know that his father worked for the French intelligence?

The first conclusions we can draw can be summed up as follows:

– There are people who know about Wadé’s existence as far back as his birth.

– His life story, up to his disappearance in 1917 has been tracked and studied for over one hundred years.

– These people had access to a wide range of official documents, but not enough to crack the defence secret, unless, that is, they did not want to give something away.

– Is it possible that these people foresaw his return? Did they expect it? If so, why?

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