555Lab is a digital creation studio made up of a team of twelve, each an expert in a specialist field (Director, Art directors, 2-3D computer animation artists, traditional cartoon artists, Sound Designer, Developers, etc.)

Graduates of schools like ENSCI, les Gobelins, VFX Sphere…

Know-how: special effects, motion design, traditional cartoon art, 3D, shooting… The 555Lab team members are fans of super-heroes. Some have even taken their pseudonym from some of the most famous masked avengers. The visual and narrative references stretch as far as Japanimation and take in a wide spectrum of fantastic worlds. The whole team immediately bought into the originality and mystery of the first Wadé comic book.

555Lab began by sticking to the plot by William Lafarge and scrupulously adhering to his vision. The team then worked with the comic book artist, Thibault Guével, who sent them his original drawings for the comic book. He began by adapting them to the needs and constraints of special effects. The FX 555Lab studio then implemented digital special effect techniques and created an original graphic cocktail judiciously combining traditional cartoon animation and 3D, with a sprinkling of special effects, without sacrificing the original spirit of the comic book.

Artistic references: Marvel / Comics – Studio Ghibli –Takeshi Koike’s Redline – the Wachowski brothers’ Matrix – Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan – Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor.

555Lab also works notably with: EuropaCorp – Audi – Nespresso – Dior – L’Oreal – TF1 – France Télévision – M6 – Peugeot – CapGemini – Parc Asterix – SNCF….

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