Thibault Guével

For the artwork, Wadé’s graphic universe had to match the character’s ADN, i.e. be contemporary, but rooted in History. The artist had to be able to meet this twofold challenge. Thibault Guevel fitted the bill.

Why? Because of his twofold perspective, both classical (art history, symphonic music, literature) and today’s sub-cultures (a mixture of contemporary influences including street art, popular cinema and music, the world of role play and video games … and more generally, the digital world).

CV: Institut Saint Luc Tournai illustration section (art diplomat + CESS) / ESAG Penninghen (Master in Graphic Arts / Art Director)

Art director:

• Illustration (comics): Frank Miller / Mathieu Lauffray / Guardino / Eisner /
• Arts: Mucha (Art nouveau & psychedelic) / pop Art / De la Tour / Caravaggio (classicism) Rubens (baroque) / Bauhaus
• Cinema: Stone / Scorsese / Palma / Kubrick / Tarantino
• Video games: Rockstar Games Univers / Day of the tentacles, Monkey island (Lucasart) / Valve project (HL, HL2, Portal…) / Bioshock (2K)

Skills: Artistic direction / Graphics/ Visual identity / Illustration

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  1. Elias says:

    Hi! Thibault you’re doing a great work, but I see a great influence of Mignola in your work. You should put him as one of your inspirations. Aside that, keep on the great work. Greetings from Mexico.

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