Mastering creation and enthusiasm – a profession and a vision.  This summarises the adventures of Pueblo and their two founders, William Lafarge and his partner, David Ken.  Techniques mastered in the service of a fertile imagination and the desire to please their friends, the public, businesses and their clients.  Humanity at the heart of all experience is the hub around which this rather ordinary communication agency is built.  Pueblo is the name of the place, the village itself and “pueblo” also means “people”, “inhabitants”, thus linking two meanings of the same word.  If the village is global and we all live in it, how can we live in it for the best?

William Lafarge and Pueblo suggest that we are happiest together.  The emblematic LOL Project, but all the Factory and Co gourmet experience or the “pari chic” (a play on words: “pari” means “gamble” but sounds like “Paris”) of One Nation Paris are their trademarks, no pun intended.

William Lafarge is developing his talents here, as Artistic Director, Graphic Designer and expert in visual identity and marketing strategy but fortunately, this is not the whole story.

Into all the projects in which he participates, he breathes a story, a piece of legend, a moment of humanity and a touch of happiness.  Wadé is all this.  A French-style comic book experience giving itself the resources of a real, multichannel editorial requirement, a giant power hunted and lost in the middle of a world that scares him.  But it is his love for people that will save him, not technology.

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  1. Hello I do an online radio talk show called SmoothDrama and i’d love to have you on to talk about you and your fabulous works. Look forward to hearing from you and having you on the show peace, Fred-SmoothDrama radio

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