Karim Lekehal

How do you become a composer of film scores? This is the question we put to Karim Lekehal, composer of the music for Wadé and supervisor of the whole soundtrack.

Karim’s parents refused to have a TV set at home. So he had to build up his visual culture through film classics, notably American.

No way was the Lekehal’s family going to take the young Karim to see Disney comic films. So it was through small Paris cinemas like Action Christine and Studio Bertrand, specialized in screen classics, that he discovered the cinema.

As he grew up, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly musicals, the wacky comedy of the Marx Brothers and the great classics from Capra to Hitchcock, were the stars in his firmament, and probably explain his extreme sensitivity to film music…

At the same time, as a teenager, he got into the Marvel comics he picked up at the local newsagent’s.

So that is probably how, one day, you get involved in an adventure like that of Wadé. Joining a talented team to bring life to a character and his world. Karim told us that what immediately excited him was the challenge of writing philharmonic orchestrations against a background of African culture.

Here are a few facts about Karim Lekehal:

Influential film music composers:

Bernard Hermann, Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota. For Lekehal these are the three composers who have laid the foundations for film music.

Likes: a musical concept that magnifies the images and the scenario.

Dislikes: gratuitous music and effects for the sake of effects

Revelation: West Side Story.

The world’s most beautiful piece of music: Gustav Mahler’s Adagietto.


Béjart, Kassovitz, Malcom McLaren, Korber…

His studio:  www.gling-glang.fr

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