Pueblo is a team of authors whose vocation is to create editorial projects with form, content and fun.

David Ken and William Lafarge set up the Pueblo agency in 1999. David worked as a fashion and advertising photographer. William is both Art Director and the agency’s Creative Director.

Though they had set up a communication agency the two future authors had always had a strong taste for creative publishing. In addition to the agency’s core business they tried their hand at projects for TV, cartoon series and photographic projects. Despite this, the agency’s core business always ate up the time they needed to really develop these ideas.

Then, in September 2009, they decided to take a new approach. The LOL Project adventure started there. Two years later, they realised that the nature of their business had radically changed. Pueblo was no longer just a communication agency. It was now a team of authors whose mission was to bring to life and develop all its creator’s desires.

Today, while David is still dedicated to the magnificent participatory photographic LOL Project – William has thrown himself into the adventure of Wadé, fulfilling the old dream of an imaginary world and a complex, appealing hero. The passion will be shared as universally as possible via a range of media: free comic book on the Internet, blog, cartoon films and soon a novel and a short film.

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  1. sarah says:

    l’année dernière vous avez fais une journée com autour de la bd à quai d’ivry, j’ai pu avoir un magnifique tee shirt que j’apprécie vraiment, je le trouve super sympa à porter et j’ai eu beaucoup de compliments, avez l’intention d’en produire d’autre?Comptez-vous les commercialiser?

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