The Kieper familly

Éric Kieper is 38. He is divorced from Defne Uberti Kieper with whom he had a daughter, Victoria. For several years he has been responsible for the Quais d’Ivry shopping centre on the southern edge of Paris. However, before that, he had another life about which he says little. As a former member of the special police force, the GIPN, he is bound to professional secrecy for reasons of national security. He was in charge of close protection of leading personalities and close combat training. At 36 he was suspended and ended up leaving his unit to start a new life. He says nothing about the reasons for this decision.

Defné Uberti Kieper: ex-wife of Éric and mother of Victoria. It is Defné who decided to leave Eric though she does not dare to admit that she still loves him. When Éric left the special police forces his optimistic personality deserted him and he became enclosed, melancholic and taciturn. She could not bear to see him this way and opted to leave him. This shock treatment did not work. Éric accepted the situation without putting up a fight. With no hope of change, she decided to live with her decision and stay separate while striving to avoid unbalancing their daughter.

Victoria Dant: age 6, daughter of Defné and Éric Kieper. Mischievous and uninhibited, she is also very precocious. She reads children’s books extensively, but prefers to listen on her MP3 player to books for grown-ups like the novels of Edgar Allan Poe. She is attracted to disturbing phenomena that little girls generally find scary.

Michaël Kieper, 33, the brother of Éric. Single, he teaches philosophy in a Paris high school. He does extra-curricular research into pre-Socratic Greek philosophers. He also has a special interest in the work of French philosopher Jean-Marie Guyau and, of course, Friedrich Nietzsche. His brother sees him as the family brain, the one who solved all the puzzles when they were children and who has an answer to everything. But will all this knowledge be enough to solve the mystery of Wadé.

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