Friends or Foes

Captain Talibart: age 43. Single. He is captain in the French police. Born of a Breton father and an Algerian mother his first name is Ali, but he calls himself Al or just captain. He is a fan of 1970s America, as portrayed in crime thrillers like Scarface, Serpico, The French Connection and Bullit that he enjoyed as a child. Talibart is reputed for his prickly personality, implacable efficiency and one-of-a-kind appearance. He sports a handlebar moustache, Stetson flagship and “Colombo” style gabardine. He is never without his Aviator Ray-Bans. He is the unrecognized son of Rachid Taha and Lino Ventura, and he dreams of living in the Bronx in the 1970s. His favourite dish: chilli couscous. Dreamed up by his mother as a special treat.

Aymar de La Roche: an enigmatic high-ranking officer at the DGSE, the French counterintelligence agency. Who is he really working for? For his own hierarchy, politicians or a secret organisation? His position and rank give him access to a wealth of information. His knowledge of the corridors of power could make him a valuable ally or a formidable adversary.

Giovanni Bertoli: Police inspector. Efficient but not the most energetic, his superiors recognise his quality and his ethics are a benchmark.


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